HypnoSage / Book an appointment

To book an appointment, confirm you have no symptoms or exposure risk to Covid-19 here. Then

  • Decide what length and type of appointment suits you best (availability is limited and up-to-date for at least 4 weeks or until the schedule looks wide open)
  • Select a service from the drop-down menu below and follow the prompts
  • Email if you are allergic to cats, if you’d like to bring your child, have any questions, or if you cannot afford the regular cost of treatment.
  • Complete a health history intake online as soon as possible after booking (also comes via confirmation email; apologies for the heavy gendering – I cannot control this one, but I’m working toward something better).
  • Location will be sent automatically by email

Cancellation fee = 50% of appointment fee if cancelled with less than 24 hours notice; 100% if less than 3 hours. Exception: change in Covid-19 status (no charge).