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Referral Programs

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A personal recommendation is the best way to choose most service providers because credibility and suitability are difficult to glean from an advertisement. Savings on paid advertisement are happily passed along when you refer others who need support in making a change, achieving a goal, or enhancing performance.

You will receive at your convenience a discount of $20 off the regular cost of a session for each person you send that becomes a client (can be applied to discounted online rates minus the discount).


If you believe in this type of work enough to generate referrals for income, please contact me with a summary of your related experience.

Other ways to save…

When someone is really motivated and committed to change, I don’t want the cost to get the their way. That said, I’ve put a lot of thought into my approach to sliding scale and I share it here to be completely transparent. Keep in mind that

  • All taxes are included (HST 13%) so my real rate is $69.60 and most of my appointment “hours” tend to be over 60 minutes
  • Most hypnotists charge $100-300 per hour and strongly believe that when clients invest less money, they are less invested in the process), so I have to be careful about discounting out of respect for my training and my peers.
  • On the other hand, I know I have been greatly assisted by reduced rates in times of need so I have the following ways of giving people access to “the work” at a lower cost for those who feel a strong connection to the process.

Here are some ways you can access the work with me at a lower cost:

  • Monthly (or every other month) PWYC (pay-what-you-can) workshops – register at http://www.meetup.com/hypnosis-for-change for notification of new offerings
  • $20 Self-Hypnosis digital program – includes electronic info sheet, worksheet, wellness assessment, and 10-minute MP3 audio track you can use daily, weekly, or as you see fit (transferred to you online or burned to CD and mailed for an extra $10)
  • $20 discount next session after sending out a detailed testimonial to several people you think would be interested (I have templates) and bcc’ing me on the message
  • $20 discount next session per resulting client who completes and pays for a session based on your referral
  • Discounted online rates using paypal or credit card for packages of 3-5 sessions http://www.hypnosage.com/private-sessions/online-rates/
  • the 6th cash/cheque session at regular price is free
  • Falling rates: everytime you come, you pay $5 less
  • Phone sessions for $50/hr, time permitting, paid in advance (due to high cancellation rate).
  • Make money with hypnosis: get a group together for a group workshop/session – you provide the location (usually someone’s living room), fill the spots (friends and family are usually enough), help set the price, & keep half the fees (it’s like a tupperware party without the tupperware).
  • I will consider other terms (amounts) and forms (non-currency) of exchange, time permitting. I can use help with all kinds of tasks.


I will also barter hypnosis with a simple contract for
  • booking me as a speaker, performer, or workshop facilitator with any organization or community group. Rates and ‘commission’ negotiable.
  • coproduction/copromotion purposes

Or… contact me and propose an idea on how we can work together in some way: I’m flexible.