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The following articles pertain to various aspects of personal development.

Forward Thinking – describes the first rule of Self Hypnosis. Timeless Woman is a great website created for women aged 50+, but with lots of useful information for and by people of any gender and age. Pass along to any timeless women you know.

Phobias – I am one of the professionals consulted in Now Magazine’s AltHealth column on how to deal with one’s phobias (by Elizabeth Bromstein October 8-15, 2008 | VOL 28 NO 6).

Eating habits: ‘Tis the season to eat for no reason…or is it? It’s up to you to decide.

TMJ (jaw tension) Don’t wait ’til your jaw locks up to release unecessary jaw tension and related behaviours.

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HypnoSage quoted in NOW Magazine’s AltHealth column
A journalist’s account of a private session