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HypnoSage / Homecare

What you do between appointments matters. Especially if what you’re experiencing in your body has built up over many hours or days, weeks, months and even years. For maximum progress, at the end of the appointment I will demonstrate ways you can deepen and extend the work we do together on your own time based on your assessment and treatment outcomes.

Not all home care is equally effective or accessible, which is why I sought unique training in restorative movement that gives me the best results, and why I allow time to make sure you can do the movements safely.

Worth with Gravity

  • at rest to reduce damage
  • in movement
  • with bolsters to change posture

Stretch and Strengthen at the same time

also known as Pandiculation or Pendotion™ – I tend to assign closed chain exercises in which we use our own body weight and resistance for strengthening. This means we are stretching our anatomical limits in a supported and proportionate way.

Self Massage with balls

Sometimes I incorporate my favourite self massage tools – the Acuball and Acuball Mini (www.Acuball.com) into homecare. These were developed by a chiropractor friend of mine (Dr. Michael Cohen) and they changed my life so much that I never leave home without them. I teach people how to use them for self-massage and I also incorporate them in treatments if called for. I usually have a few on hand for purchase (instructional DVD included).

Some people like using squash or la crosse balls. I do not recommend tennis balls as they break too easily under body weight.