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Fresh air makes for safe body care, especially if local or no-contact travel to the Dufferin Mall Area (Dufferin and College/Bloor).

In 15-30 minute sessions, I address the whole body seated on a bench and standing. For 60+ minutes, I use a massage table or BodyCushion support system for those who prefer floor-based work. Caregiver massage while children play is easy (Dufferin Grove Park). I wear an N95 mask and facial shield in all cases.

Seated Massage – I can achieve a lot of biomechanical aid in a short time if 15-30 minutes is easier to spare than a full hour or more, especially off the table. More of these times are available than what is listed via online booking.

Handwashing and washroom inside if needed; alcohol-based hand rub provided by me permits zero indoor time (I still clean all interior touchpoints for my handwashing and anyone who needs to use the toilet).

I work over comfortable clothing with no linens except a pillowcase through the face cradle. I have a tarp achored overhead for sun and light rain although I’m thrilled to do this work in any outdoor context and weather (and yes, massage in snow suits happened this year).

Indoor treatment still availble with 2 windows for exterior air exchange.

My online avability reflects times with exclusive washroom use. However, with brief outdoor-only sessions for locals, I can do shorter notice and almost any day/time.

Some outdoor massage surprises: people (walkway shared with housemates; adjacent neighbours’ yards), sounds (garbage trucks and power tools are rather noticeable; air conditioner or something like that humming; birds chirping); debris (from nearby trees, dust); temperature changes as the sun’s position and exposure change (please bring extra layers if coming later in the day), and bugs (they mostly avoid us).
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massage table for appointments 60 minutes and longer
bodycushion support system for floor-based massage
seated massage has many advantages over table massage