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Remote Coaching

HypnoSage / Remote Coaching

Remote Coaching

Choose one of these options if coming in person doesn’t suit you for any reason.

Coaching by Phone, $80.00/hr

All the benefits of coming in person minus the travel time.

To schedule this, choose “Self Hypnosis, 60 minutes” from the menu here, then send your payment to Tanya@Hypnosage.com via Paypal or EMT. Payment must be received and contact info exchanged before call begins.

Email Coaching, 5 questions, $60.00

All the benefits of coming in person or calling, but can be done at any time of day or night with extra time to reflect. Price is per topic, for up to 5 questions to Tanya@Hypnosage.com. Responses provided within 2 business days (usually sooner). Payment must be received before questions will be answered.

Email Coaching, 10 questions, $90.00

Ask up to 10 questions about any one topic in batches of 2 or more questions per email to Tanya@Hypnosage.com. Responses provided within 3 business days (usually sooner). Payment must be received before questions will be answered.