HypnoSage / Trauma-Informed Practice

To me, this means

  • Client choice and preference comes first and will be accommodated whenever possible and ethical for me to do so
  • Emotionl and bodily needs, awareness, and comfort prioritized
  • Sensory inputs optimized

Attending to activation levels thresholds – going only where it feels useful and manageable to go.

As a Registered Massage Therapist, breath coaching and guided meditation fall within my scope of practice, and supercharge the body’s ability to release emotional and physical pain.

My Training and Approach

Certification program with Alyson Quinn and Master Hypnotist trained by Georgina Cannon, Ron Alexander (Gestalt).

I am heavily influenced by

TRAUMA-SENSITIVE MINDFULNESS: PRACTICES FOR SAFE HEALING (Book by David A. Treleaven) – health-changing insights for practitioners and survivors
The Tao of Fully Feeling: Harvesting Forgiveness Out of Blame (Book by Pete Walker) – evidence-based recovery approaches for trauma/abuse

My professional response to polyvagal theory – neurological dysregulation can be assisted with a clear, sustained, customized message broadcasting safety and acceptance.

My personal experience with Somatic Sex Education and The Healing Codes – in each case, sensory inputs were layered as per client preferences.