HypnoSage / Workplace Wellness

As someone who has been self employed for over a decade (read: no company health plan or related swanky benefits), I am often on the lookout for affordable mind-body wellness offerings.

And then it hit me…wait a minute! I can offer such offerings: please contact me if you are a small-biz employer or employee. I can either

  • offer employees sliding scale easy mindfulness meditation and/or self hypnosis instruction and practice plus dollar-a-minute massage at your desk chairs if you get permission to bring me to your workplace. Or employers can:
  • offer massage and meditation to your staff for an hourly rate prepaid by the employer (E.g., an hour-long guided mindfulness meditation session + an hour of shoulder massages to as many people who want them while sitting at their desk chairs, no special equipment or disrobing required). $200 for the gift of ahhhhhh….

This offer is made primarily to locations within Metro Toronto, but a broader radius is also negotiable.

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