HypnoSage / iPhone/iPad Applications

These are universal apps that work on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. I created and recorded the vocal content to meet my most urgent personal needs. I have  used the professional hypnosis techniques and related information and advice that worked best for my most discriminating client: myself!

Self Hypnosis: What do you want to achieve – but haven’t?
 – open-ended suggestions on how to mentally rehearse your way to achieve any short-term goal. Keep using this app step-by-step for each goal to optimize your life.

Happiness– two guided relaxation tracks and a core session suggesting ways to improve mood over time.  I collected and sculpted this content during the better of a rather blue year for me.suggestions designed to help you achieve any goal that you believe is possible. This works because whatever the mind sees, the body believes.

Meditation: Mindfulness Made Easy – relax with any or all gentle guided check-ins (breathe, body, thoughts,  emotions, attitudes, beliefs, senses). This content is like Happiness: Part 2 for me. Mindfulness App Icon

I like offering apps because they are flexible  compared to a static audio track; however, I also tend to write content that can apply to many of life’s situations by letting the listener ‘fill in the blanks’ mentally while listening. This type of ‘scripting’ also engages the listener actively in a process of introspection compared to the more passive process of being guided to visualize concrete images.

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