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Motivational hypnotism likens individuals to light bulbs covered with layers of paint. Each session addresses one topic or layer so the client and hypnotist can see what lies beneath until all the light shines through. The number of sessions depends on the extent to which you want to change and the degree to which you believe this change is possible. Most people are impressed by 1st session results because a small improvement can make a big difference; however, repeat sessions maximize results by deepening or furthering the initial results by revealing new information that was previously hidden under old ‘layers of life’.

How many trips to the gym does it take to be “fit”? Just like yoga or massage therapy, you decide whether and when you want more. As with massage and yoga, it usually takes more than one session to undue long standing patterns. It also depends what you’re working on — smoking cessation, phyiscal fitness, and healthy eating habits benefit from a series of weekly sessions because they are such multi-faceted parts of our lifestyle and personality.

Emotion and thought patterns are more flexible — I’ve had my own sessions months apart in some cases and others just a week apart because I was very eager to experience change on a particular issue. There is no harm in using hypnosis multiple times a day. After learning self hypnosis, you could write & record your own script and play it back to yourself on repeat. One session in your whole life can have lasting effects to whatever extent you reinforce the positive suggestions. Others come back every week to accelerate and maintain their improvement.

Everyone has a philosophy of cleaning house, and so it goes with mental housekeeping: whether you do regular light cleanings or a few infrequent but thorough passes, we create the suggestions for change together and you take away whatever feels useful for you.

If the change is something you “ought” to do but otherwise would rather not, hypnosis may not be able to help you to to want something that you ultimately do not want.