Time for a mental or physical massage? Safety during Covid-19 era comes first!

Available treatments include: Bodywork by a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) or Trauma-Informed, Hypnosis-based Coaching (These services are offered and billed separately; all hypnosis is self hypnosis, which is client-driven strategic meditation for personal growth)

Are your thoughts and imagination supporting or sabotaging your goals? Anyone can harness and direct the power of the subconscious mind with Self-Hypnosis

NEW! HypnoSage Bodywork is covered by insurers (Registered Massage Therapy) AND available outdoors. Deep tissue massage influenced by shiatsu-style compressions + Thai techniques;  incorporating principles of active and myofascial release; certified in Pendotion™ (fascially-based restorative movement by Charlene Sullivan, Movement coaching – are your movements and positions hurting or helping your body?

Boundaries for Trekkies

Where starship operations meet interpersonal boundary enforcement. Star trek alerts remind me a lot of relational boundaries!  Written by me ( except for Star Trek content from or otherwise noted) While star trek...

COVID-19 Guidelines

Hypnosage COVID-19 Guidelines

Here’s how we can protect each other: When you book and before you arrive Please do not schedule or keep an appointment (cancellation fees waived) if you answer Yes to any of the following...

Tantra for Men

Introduction to Tantra for Men

I created this video education program to help men deepen their body-mind awareness and redirect their sexual energy throughout their bodies for personal growth. By practicing a few simple breath awareness and...