“I was amazed at how much we covered in an hour.”

“This far exceeded any expectations I had. Tanya’s energy was wonderful: She is warm, compassionate and very gifted at what she does. I was amazed at how much ground we covered in an hour. I would recommend her without reservation to anyone! It was my first session and I was very impressed. I definitely want […]

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Introduction to Tantra for Men

I created this video education program to help men deepen their body-mind awareness and redirect their sexual energy throughout their bodies for personal growth. By practicing a few simple breath awareness and movement exercises, the body’s functions and the power of sexual energy become nuanced resources toward building your higher self.

Check out How to […]

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Anyone can do these easy massage techniques!

I think the world needs more massage, how about you? I’ve even taught these methods to children who were thrilled to hear their parents moan in pleasure. With clear dialogue throughout to protect the receiver, and gravity-based methods that are sustainable to the giver, we can bring bodily care back into the home and […]

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Turn on your inner smile

Ok folks, please be careful. There’s a new medical epidemic on its way and it’s spreading like wildfire. There’s no cure & it’s highly contagious: smiling. It spreads by smiling. Most people infected with smiling will eventually develop a secondary infection: laughter. Treatments to manage symptoms are widely available, such as news media and […]

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New iPhone/iPad app: Mindfulness Made Easy

I created this meditation program to ultimately teach a method of self-guided meditation that can be done anywhere at any time. With practice, you may find that you can incorporate this style of meditation into all kinds of activity and locations. Full details and link to iTunes store here – http://www.hypnosage.com/app/iphone-mindfulness-application/


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