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Massage Style

HypnoSage / Massage Style

Regarding my massage style, I say “shiatsu” in a very general sense because I use my body weight and a travelling hold-release technique applying intermittent pressure in addition to long holds and assisted stretches. Instead of focusing on meridians, I use broad pressure on muscle groups with my “mother-daughter” thumbs/hands, forearms, palms, elbows, knees, skull, and even my sitz bones: yes, I sometimes sit on people when it makes sense to do so and with permission. Here’s a demo and explanation of my work.

I say assisted yoga because my style looks like Thai massage but feels more like active and passive release techniques such as stretching or compression muscles while they are engaged, or applying slight over pressure in restricted ranges of motion. Other techniques and influences to my style include rolfing (structural integration to improve body alignment and functioning), light to moderate joint mobilizations (mostly oscillations), and therapeutic assessment techniques throughout treatment to guage effectiveness.

I ask clients to communicate all needs and sensations throughout the session: it’s up to you to tell me how firm you like the pressure, how fast/slow, broad/sharp. Up-down, left-right, hold-stop, you name it. You may like “good pain”, but pain can cause resistance and fear in the body, which can be counter productive: I don’t want to go past a 5 out of 10 on a scale of impact where 10 is too much impact and 1 is negligible.

This work can be done in any location when the client is fully clothed. I have worked in private contexts, at street festivals, on the floor, in yoga studios, using a stool or chair, at private homes, on a couch coffee table bench or tarp, against the kitchen countertop… massage can ultimately happen anywhere, any time.