HypnoSage / Private Sessions / Why people come

“I am just a worrier. That’s who I am”
“I’m a born procrastinator”
“I get caught in some kind of cycle of negative thoughts”
“I am tired of feeling this way”
“My therapist says I need to (xyz), but I don’t know how to put that into practice”

If you don’t feel able to manage your mind and body states (eg neurological dysregulation), we simply start where you are and explore what you need. Establishing and staying in a comfort zone of safety, no matter how small, gets easier with time, practice, rapport, consent, choice, and control to the best of our abilities. As a coach, I can help you navigate your experience of life by adding an outside view of the power dynamics at play in your life.

If you want to change something in your life and you believe you can change it, you probably can, and outside support can make that change much easier than you think. If unsure, please ask because (almost) anything is possible when you see yourself as having Choice. I’ve worked with people who changed or enhanced matters ranging from professional to personal, from health to happiness.

Hypnosis asks your subconscious mind for help. Using metaphor and personal preferences, we can take an image or purely dialogue-based journey of exploration in which your higher wisdom speaks and contemplates.

Hypnosis for habit change
– improve sleep patterns
– improve eating habits/reduce overeating
– improve study habits
– improve exercise habits
– smoking cessation
– reduce or eliminate teeth grinding

Hypnosis for confidence
– build self-esteem, overcome shyness, improve self-confidence
– reduce fear of public speaking

Hypnosis for relaxation
– increase relaxation / decreasing stress and tension
– remove phobias and reducing fears

Hypnosis for couples
– exercises and protocols to recover from conflict, enhance empathy, and cultivate emotional resilience
– coaching and strategic meditation to optimize communication and outcomes

Hypnosis is referred to as “mental massage” because relaxation is a key element of the experience. This aspect can be deepened by layering relaxation suggestions into different aspects of your life and according to your preferences. Just as you can invest in a massage or manicure/pedicure, hypnosis is like a day at the spa for your mind.

If you are at all curious, I encourage you to contact me for a free consultation.