Registered Massage Therapy Rates

  • For registered massage therapy done on gym mats on the floor like thai/shiatsu unless massage table requested/needed
  • Client in loose comfy clothing (skin-to-skin work with sports bra/shorts or draping available available if needed)
  • Private treatment space built into garage (pet free, but washroom is in family home that includes a cat)
  • Payable at the end of your appointment by cash, cheque, or credit card; or in advance by electronic money transfer or PayPal to
  • Receipts provided via email
  • All amounts include HST. 

The following appointment breakdowns are guidelines; most treatment times can be longer, some assessment techniques are therapeutic, and home care is assigned to prolong and deepen your results. Extra time is allowed for use of washroom and administrative tasks between us. After you go, I spend at least another 15 minutes documenting our work together.

90 minute appointment $120

Recommended for new cases and multiple areas of concern.

  • maximum 20 minute assessment
  • minimum 60 minute treatment
  • 10 min homecare

1 hour appointment $80

Recommended for focused followups and simple cases

  • maximum 10 minute assessment
  • minimum 45 min treatment
  • 5 min homecare

Cancellation policy

  • Your appointment time is reserved just for you. A late cancellation is hard to fill by another client, which is costly for therapists. Please provide 24 hours notice for any changes to your appointment.
  • A cancellation fee of 50% of the missed session fee is due when less than 24 hours notice is given; 100% if less than 3 hours. 

Also available

  • shorter appointments for very focused cases/followups ($60 for 45 min, $40 for 30 min, $20 for 15 min incl up to 10-30% of the time for assessment and homecare)
  • massage or hypnosis at events paid by organizers or attendees
  • massage for parents at my location or yours with children present
  • massage at your location (50% hourly rate for travel time or 100% travel cost or flat rate for multiple clients at one site – whatever is easiest for all involved)
  • learn self hypnosis or self massage for personal use, easy meditation or massage techniques (individuals and groups, all ages) $80/hr, can be done via phone
  • coaching for RMTs on delivering deep pressure with ease

Community Access

  • session happens in multipurpose family space
  • not necessarily private (potential family interruptions and sound)
  • $1/minute, $20 minimum, incl 10-25% of the time for assessment and homecare
  • stay longer and borrow my self massage tools onsite free of charge
  • other options like barter available with prior discussion