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The power of hypnotism right in your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

What do you want to achieve – but haven’t?

Now Available!

I’m very excited about the release of my new Self-Hypnosis application for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch!

This guided meditation prompts you to choose a short-term goal and imagine all the steps, states, and benefits associated with making it happen. Listeners can opt out of the relaxation component before the session if they choose to stay alert while visualizing their goal. The “Awaken” feature can also be turned off for listeners who prefer to fall asleep at the end. You can even control the volume of the background music separately from the vocal track and disable the opening chime if you’d rather begin with silence.

Self-Hypnosis is available in the iTunes App Store.

Summary of Features

Available in the iTunes App Store

Reviewers say…

“I’m a trained shrink and hypnotherapist myself and I think these folks have done a solid job. I especially appreciated the ability to control the gain on the voice and the music separately. The background music seemed to set just the right mood and the hypnotic induction and instructions were very professional. My only advice would be that as time goes by, they add additional hypnotic scripts for a variety of life issues.”

“Made by someone who really knows what it is all about. A great app!” – Norway iTunes Reviewer “Professional self-hypnotism tool. Music and guiding voice are just right.” – US iTunes Reviewer “Hypnotic induction and instructions were very professional” – US iTunes Reviewer

“I find it extremely relaxing and it greatly improved my mood and energy the next day. This is all about making positive changes within yourself to achieve the goals you want. Give it a shot! You’ll be happy you did.” – Canadian iTunes Reviewer

Also available – Happiness for the iPhone – a guided meditation to help you build your happiness muscle! And Meditation: Mindfulness Made Easy to help you gently uncover your best self.

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More reviews!

Great app ★★★★★
by – Version 1.5.2 – Sep 27, 2012

Sleep inducing! Good for insomnia and visualization.

Sleeping beauty ★★★★★
by All2tone – Version 1.5.2 – Sep 27, 2012

I love this App. It helped this insomniac Sleep like a baby again!

Love It ★★★★★
by – Version 1.5.2 – Sep 8, 2012

This hyp app is perfect for my short sessions during the day. Thank you

Better than ANY other!!! ★★★★★
by Firecracker973 – Version 1.5.2 – Aug 19, 2012

I say this is the best app for one reason- whatever topic YOU, the user, want to change or address in your life, YOU do directly using this app by that problem being the only one you address. You don’t need a multitude of smoking-weight loss-job-man trouble apps… This one lets YOU address and focus on what you personally want. I am ecstatic I found this app and I wish there were more personally customizable apps like this. As a matter of fact, I wish someone would write one that allows the user to type in the topic they want and it substitutes your typed in topic, instead of some typical “walk on the beach” or “through a garden” crap first! (I’ve wasted a lot of valuable time walking through gardens and on beaches to forget what I wanted to mentally address, even though I love the beach.) THIS APP is the closest to going direct to your personal issue I’ve encountered. LOVE IT! Can’t say enough good. I like the female talking, as well; She doesn’t overdramatize while speaking during relaxation. One request to the creator- make it longer! Fabulous app!

Nice ★★★★
by The Gerber babah! – Version 1.5.2 – Aug 11, 2012

I like it. Could be longer.

Moneys worth +1 ★★★★
by STL After Dark – Version 1.5.2 – Jul 28, 2012

She has a beautiful voice, this simplistic app is robust in its ability to do what’s promised, relax & meditate you.

Great App ★★★★★
by LarryJsr – Version 1.5.2 – Jul 23, 2012

This app is individually great. Because depending on where you take off from is the central contingent on where you will land. It cannot and will bend you, only extend you.

Best sleep I’ve ever gotten on a crappy mattress!!! ★★★★★
by Josh Douma – Version 1.5.2 – Jun 30, 2012

Last night I used the sleep setting on this app. Three words: Best. Sleep. Ever!!!!!!!!!!! My trick was a pitch black bedroom, music turned all the way off, and listen with an open mind. Do everything the person on the app says and it was an amazing rest for me!!! As a side note, my mattress is really crappy and I generally toss and turn all night. Worth the buy!!!!

WOE ★★★★★
by Awesomest app eva Kaw – Version 1.5.2 – Jun 5, 2012

That makes you feel great

Satisfied! ★★★★
by Adrenally fatigued – Version 1.5.1 – Feb 4, 2012

I don’t understand what the other reviewers are complaining about. It is a simple app and does what it is supposed to. Are there enhancements that could be made? Absolutely! But that is true of any app. One enhancement that could be made is to allow the iPad display to be off while this is running. I have my eyes closed so I don’t need anything visual on the screen and I usually fall asleep so I would like to preserve the battery. Another key thing to add that might be cool is a place to document your goal with the date. That way I can refine the goal as time goes on.

Great! ★★★★★
by LMH2 – Version 1.3 – Jul 8, 2010Self hypnosis can be a powerful tool if you know how it works. This application is made by someone that really knows what it is all about. A great app!

More than I expected ★★★★
by Nancy1985 – Version 1.5.2 – Jul 9, 2012I really like this app. It is easy to handle and I like the fact that you can decide what you want to do. Do you want to fall asleep with it? Or do you want to use it during a break at daytime and come back to work refreshed? Just click on what you want to do and it adjusts the text. You can even connect it to your iPod feature and let it play your own music as a background feature. All in all it is pretty good, the only thing I am missing a bit is the option to connect it to my personal pictures so I could give my hypnosis/meditation an even more personal note. But maybe that’s just me….

Sleep App ★★★★★
by djchow – Version 1.5.2 – Mar 7, 2012Wonderful. Fall asleep every time. Buy it