HypnoSage / Childbirth

In short….

I offer client-driven hypnosis-based coaching for expectant mothers and birth partners who are preparing for vaginal childbirth or caesarean delivery. I incorporate principles from HypnoBirthing, Birthing from Within, self hypnosis, mindfulness, emotional awareness, and even massage upon request.

Full story…

My prenatal preparations included HypnoBirthing, Birthing from Within, and a hospital prenatal class. I also had counselling and naturopathic care. Now that my son is out of his infancy, I feel ready to share my additional lessons in hind sight despite my extensive preparation.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and admit how I really feel: HypnoBirthing sounded to me like it was created a hundred years ago. And it pretty much was. While my teacher was great (a doula and also a teacher of Birthing from Within), I felt that the curriculum she was obliged to teach left little room for customization or personal situations and opinions. Of course I refer to concepts from HypnoBirthing and I find a good deal of it useful; however, it’s only one element of what I offer: client-driven hypnosis. The same thing I offer for all client needs. Hypnotism (coaching plus strategic, guided meditation and visualization techniques) can bridge the gaps between group prenatal classes and most personal factors.

I also find HypnoBirthing exclusive of anyone who knows they will not be having a vaginal child birth, which is a huge disservice because mothers with scheduled caesareans can benefit immensely from hypnosis principles before the big day. Finally, most HypnoBirthing courses and services are not offered by Certified Hypnotists who practice hypnotism regularly enough to respond to any question or need you may have outside of labour and vaginal delivery.

Together, we can look at any or all of the following: questions related to birth, fears, concerns, techniques for mother to practice, techniques for birth partner to use with mother, metaphors, visualization, guided meditation, exploration of limiting beliefs, mental rehearsal, breathing techniques… you name it, we can likely incorporate it.

To help you prepare for the most natural, empowering birth possible, I offer

  • Talks to groups about hypnosis for childbirth (outline below)
  • Private hypnotism for vaginal or caesarean childbirth preparation
  • $80 per 90 minute session per mother, birth partner, or couple; the 6th session is free.

Please contact me to ask any questions or to schedule a talk or session. I can accept only a few couples at a time, but if you don’t mind sharing your time slot, we can reduce the price. If your due date is looming, I’m also flexible on the frequency and duration of sessions.

Recommended reading list and further thoughts below. Best wishes for a wonderful childbirth!


Outline for Talks to Groups

Find out
-why people might think HypnoBirthing or hypnotism in general does not work
-the birth partner’s role with hypnotism
-which key components of hypnosis you need when giving birth
-core principles and skills you should build before your due date


Recommended Reading

These books are a great read in preparation:

  • Ina May Gaskin’s Guide to Childbirth – half stories, half text book, all insightful and innovative.
  • Birthing from Within by Pam England and Rob Horowitz – a thorough survey of all feelings and concepts related to giving birth
  • HypnoBirthing by Marie Mongan – a historical survey and paradigm for mental rehearsal (because whatever the mind sees, the body believes :-)

Random thoughts on birthing

Sure, some people experience pain, difficulty, etc. But some experience ease. And others still experience…orgasm! Seriously. Statistically underreported and less likely in the modern medical paradigm of birthing. But it’s well within the realm of the possible.

If you can afford the space and cost of a rental birthing pool, I say go for it. I agnoized over this choice because I’d heard many reports of the pools being under used. However, on the chance that it may prove very useful (as it did for me), how nice to have the option. I’ve spent more money on lesser ‘needs’. There is a chance that surges/contractions will ‘couple’, but they are also more likely to feel smaller, smoother. Weighlessness helps when the body is busy with another rather major task.

I would have liked to have some nonverbal communication signals set up with my birth partner. Perhaps a long-held hand squeeze to say “I’m feeling uncertain about this decision/direction” – because sometimes certain factors like time and medical concepts seem more important than instincts and questions. Other useful signals could be for water, help (touch, emotional/physical guidance). Many people can talk during labour, but sometimes it’s nice to be able to conserve energy.