HypnoSage / Private Sessions / What to Expect

With what do you seek support? How can I help you? From here, we cocreate a path forward. I depend on your input, and I will offer any input and tools that could help. 

If you choose a hypno-coaching session or elements of one, I recommend that you not be hungry during your session as stomach growling can hinder relaxation and concentration. I usually won’t start appointments before 9am or too long after dark as sleepiness and fatigue can also hinder our ability to focus. After removing your shoes, you can sit in the recliner or on the carpet with me for the intake interview.

I answer any questions you may have. I then ask you questions about your current sitution and then we talk about your goal state to develop your personal plan for change. I keep an eye on the time and we help each other to stay focused on getting an accurate snapshot of where you’re at and where you want to be.

If you would like a guided relaxation portion, I support and guide your journey to more calm for better inward focus. I then read aloud your detailed goal state for you to receive it as openly as you can followed by a return to the present surroundings. After the fact, Most clients feel refreshed as though they’ve had a power nap or daydream. You will have no trouble driving or doing anything else that you would usually do during your waking hours. In the following days, you may notice shifts in your perspective, emotions, and behaviours (depending on our area of concentration together). Please note any resistance or obstacles to change after your session, if any.

When you are ready, we can discuss your experience and discuss any homework that might help you moving forward.