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All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. Self hypnosis, or strategic meditation as I define it, occurs every time we use our thoughts and imagination…the question is whether we do this with personal intention or just let the influences of the world push our thoughts and imaginings wherever they end up.

I teach self-hypnosis for motivational purposes that can be applied to personal or professional aspects of anyone’s life such as stress management, productivity, improved client interactions, motivation, or any goal backed by desire and belief. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of this type of work for anyone in sales, performance, or other domains that challenge the ego with frequent rejection.

Self-Hypnosis Workshop Outline

Duration: 30 minutes to full day

Topics covered: Q&A on Hypnosis, Basic principles and scripting techniques, Relaxation techniques

Includes printed info sheet and worksheet.

Participants say that my friendly style and expert knowledge combine to demystify and empower individuals to make the most of their imagination.

I facilitate this workshop with any number of individuals depending on the space and acoustics/amplification available. The workshop includes a group hypnosis session during which time participants can opt in or simply observe for their interest.

I would enjoy the opportunity to answer any questions you may have about this offering.


Participants say…

I had an audition last week that I got pretty wound up and insecure about.  I spent three days going kind of nuts and the morning of the audition I realized what I needed to do was sit down and script it all out, and go through the self hypnosis so I could be successful and calm the heck down.  Well, of course it worked brilliantly and the audition went really well.  I had forgotten how much control and power we really do have over all of the crazy stuff our brains throw at us.  I was at my wits end, and because of what you have taught me I was able to gain control and confidence and be present. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!! – DM

These participants were aged 13-20:

“I liked…
“…breaking down a problem and seeing it from new angles”
“…openly addressing my/our goals”
“…becoming aware of the hidden influence in me that mimics my decisions”
“…I liked a chance to be honest with myself”
“…addressing the problems holding me back as an artist”
“…the relaxation, it’s something I don’t get to do a lot or at all so it was wonderful”