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Free Consultation

HypnoSage / Free Consultation

Up to 30 minutes by phone, email, or in person by appointment. Contact me for a free consultation if there’s something you’d like to improve in your life.

Includes any of the following, time permitting:

  • Your questions answered
  • Explanation of intake process
  • Explanation of relaxation process

Discuss different options, such as

  • sharing your details vs. doing the work “in your head”
  • metaphors
  • personal exploration
  • communication with your body
  • explanation and demonstration of hypnosis techniques
  • when to choose self-hypnosis vs private sessions or group sessions

Discuss your situation if you’d like; find out how I would approach it. Workshops are a great way to experience the work with a small investment.

The consultation is yours to use as you see fit. No obligation to continue with a session. All information is completely confidential.