I might ask questions such as

At what time do you usually get to bed?
At what time would you like to get to bed?
What is your ideal schedule for the day?
What usually gets you off course from this schedule?
Do you have any trouble falling asleep? Staying asleep? Why?
What makes you sleepy?
Do you wake feeling rested?

Sample Sleep Habits Script

(this is always customized to suit personal preferences and details)

Follow an evening routine that balances work, fun, food, and rest. Watching the time for cues you choose for yourself:

Get home from work (around 6-7pm) – attend to urgent emails. Responding to any urgent emails when you first get in and leave any others ‘til morning.

7-9pm watch a bit of TV, eat dinner

9-10 Tea; Choose one of the following: more email or TV or internet or personal phone calls.

Once you’ve looked at email, you turn it off based on the time. If you want to cut TV short, you may spend more time on the internet.

9pm: last chance to attend to any personal or professional tasks. Winding down before bedtime.

10pm: Getting ready for bed.
Looking forward to rest.
Looking forward to body letting go & becoming completely relaxed.
10:30pm: Noting your achievements of the day as you get ready for bed.
Having confidence in your abilities and resources.
Aware of the ways in which you are growing your business, getting to the next level.
Noting the ways in which you are needed, satisfied, successful.

11pm lights off, head on pillow, close eyes, drift off to sleep soundly trusting that in the morning you will feel refreshed & ready to attend to the new day’s opportunities.