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Time for a mental or physical massage? Safety during Covid-19 era comes first. 

Ask for Bodywork by a Registered Massage Therapist or for Hypnosis-based coaching (these services are offered and billed separately; all hypnosis is self hypnosis, which is client-driven strategic meditation for personal growth). 

Are your thoughts and imagination supporting or sabotaging your goals? Anyone can harness and direct the power of the subconscious mind with Self-Hypnosis.

New! HypnoSage Bodywork is now covered as Registered Massage Therapy! Deep tissue massage influenced by shiatsu-style compressions + Thai techniques;  incorporating principles of active and myofascial release; certified in Pendotion™ (fascially-based restorative movement by Charlene Sullivan, pendotion.com)

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“I got more clarity”

"You will find in Tanya an amazing guide. Tanya - it is wonderful what you do and I got more clarity after your meet up. Congratulations for what you do, you are...


Workshop participants aged 13-20

“I liked… “…breaking down a problem and seeing it from new angles” “…openly addressing my/our goals” “…becoming aware of the hidden influence in me that mimics my decisions” “…I liked a chance to be honest with...


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