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HypnoSage / Testimonials

“I was amazed at how much we covered in an hour.”

“This far exceeded any expectations I had. Tanya's energy was wonderful: She is warm, compassionate and very gifted at what she does. I was amazed at how much ground we covered in an hour. I would recommend her without reservation to anyone! It was my first session and I was very impressed. I definitely want to come back. Thank you, Tanya."...


“…my core trust has expanded…

"Working with Tanya, my identified specific fears and grief have melted away and my core trust has expanded, leaving me more at peace and open to what life is bringing me. Given that, I judge Tanya's hypnosis work to be powerful and very effective, and I have been since trying to identify exactly what she does so well, so precisely. I suspect that her warm and accepting nature invited me to be honest and get right into the matter. I noticed that her simple yet potent questions and clear reflecting back to me helped me to feel completely understood and heard. Then, when the hypnosis part began, she has a way of suggesting some very powerful options, and she does so with complete trust for...


“I got more clarity”

"You will find in Tanya an amazing guide. Tanya - it is wonderful what you do and I got more clarity after your meet up. Congratulations for what you do, you are amazing." BI (Meditation instructor)...


Workshop participants aged 13-20

“I liked… “…breaking down a problem and seeing it from new angles” “…openly addressing my/our goals” “…becoming aware of the hidden influence in me that mimics my decisions” “…I liked a chance to be honest with myself” “…addressing the problems holding me back as an artist” “…the relaxation, it’s something I don’t get to do a lot or at all so it was wonderful”...