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“…I felt perfectly safe and in good hands.”

“As a healer, it is a little hard to receive but with Tanya I felt perfectly safe and in good hands. Her intense listening brought me closer to me and what is truly important. It was delightful to hear my intentions in her words. Thank you again Tanya for being present for my quality time just for me.” (Massage therapist)...


“…helped me to stop procrastinating…”

“For a long time, I had no motivation to do anything. I couldn't focus. I kept putting off tasks to avoid the anxiety that came with doing them. I couldn't keep up with my work, and I was getting more and more overwhelmed. Then I started meeting with Tanya. She helped me to stop procrastinating by addressing the anxiety on different levels, both direct and indirect, so I could focus on my tasks. Thanks to the hypnotherapy sessions, I can be more productive and get things done, which helps me feel really good about myself. Thanks, Tanya!” (Writer/performer)...


“…a very skilled, intuitive practitioner…”

"Tanya is a very skilled, intuitive practitioner. In our sessions she makes me feel comfortable and safe. She is always able to facilitate a journey in which I came away with very useful information about myself and my state of well-being." Kelly Wilk, Reiki Practitioner and Reflexologist